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How SPS optimises your business

As the global centre of excellence for product information management (PIM) within the Sonepar Group and a subsidiary of Sonepar Deutschland GmbH, Sonepar PIM solutions (SPS) takes care of end-to-end solutions concerning every aspect of successful product data management worldwide.

By engaging in partnership and collaboration, our SPS team enables companies within the international Sonepar Group to integrate individual PIM solutions based on the Electrotechnical Information Model (ETIM) into existing systems. We also supply Sonepar’s partners, such as manufacturers and customers, with suitable PIM solutions.

These are developed together with, and on the premises of, the company concerned. The solutions are individually aligned with the company and country, market and customers, structures and applications.

We guarantee professional advice, implementation and support for a broad array of PIM challengesworldwide. Great importance is also attached towell-synchronised modules and supreme performance, individual integration options and extensivescalability without redundancies.

SPS | Your benefits are the first priority

A highly capable product database delivers numerous benefits to all the companies involved. Together we facilitate the classification of high-quality product information consistently, right through to the consumer in a structured way. The data can be edited and continuously updated on all media platforms, in several languages and across all countries.

Among the other benefits enjoyed by users are process optimisation and improved transparency of existing information in the context of procurement, catalogue management, marketing, product data, management reporting, controlling, search engines, interfaces and support.