ETIM - Definition

ETIM (Elektro Technical Information Model)
is an article-classification model for the electro business which describes the features of electrotechnical articles in a clear and detailed way using a standardised form. For this, the articles are classified in a hierarchically graded structure consisting of article classes with describing properties.

In order to facilitate search in the daily use of the informationsystem, synonyms will be assigned to all article classes. A synonym for “Frosted Flametip” for example would be “lightbulb”.

From 2014 on, the 6.0 version of this classificationmodel will provide 2.156 article-classes for the structuring of all electro articles available in the business. Because of the multitude, the article classes will be integrated in article groups. The article-classes describe the products of the respective article group using features e.g. wattage, nominal voltage or similar.

The features may have different entry options. There are numerical values (digits only), rank queries (from/to), logical (yes/no only) and alphanumerical entry options with preset values from which the respective selection must be carried out.

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